How To Fund your Facebook ads Account using payu or getbarter

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2019)

How To Fund your Facebook ads Account using Payu or Getbarter

Facebook ads are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to promote your business online,

If your business is online you should be using Facebook ads to drive traffic to your offer.

A lot of entrepreneurs are already utilizing this wonderful platform to serve their products to hungry buyers online.

The online market is a huge market and Facebook has a good amount of shares there.

Many of us are finding it difficult to fund our facebook ads account because facebook rejects our card most times the issues are from our local banks, and this has been a great problem for entrepreneurs new to Facebook ads.

I remember when I started, I had the same issues, I already created my ads account, created my page got everything set up and now time to fund my facebook ads account that was where I got stocked.

Read on to know how to fund your facebook ads account

Tried using my GTB master card it was declined I used my UBA card same issues I even had to beg my sister to allow me to use her card which she agreed but still, it was declined.

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This git me tired and frustrated but I knew I needed to fund my account so as to show the new product I just imported from China to people who would buy so I can make a profit.

Because I knew without running Facebook ads to my product I would find it difficult to sell and I would end up losing all my money.

(We would talk more on mini importation soon).

knowing fully that losing my money is not an option I went online and started to search for how I can fund my facebook ads account.

I came across a lot of answers and tried a lot of them but only two worked out for me, and those are the two I would be talking about in this post.

Facebook ads funding methods that saved me

1. Payu: Payu happens to be an online company that provides payment to online merchants.

the company was founded in 2002 and has its headquarters in the Netherlands,

it has an integration with Facebook that allows Nigerians to easily make Facebook ads payment using their platform

How to use Payu to fund your Facebook Ads Account

NOTE: Before you can use Payu to fund, your Facebook ads account must be registered in Naira. if your account is in dollars see option B below

To use Payu follow the steps below

1. Login to your facebook ads manager and click on create ads

Facebook ads
2. chose your objectives (this can be anything as this is just a demo ad and would be deleted after we fund our account)

Facebook ads
3. click on setup ads account and select your currency in this case we are selecting naira as currency

Facebook ads

Facebook ads
4. set up your ads, chose your audience, placement and budget, as this is a demo you can choose anything then click on continue

Facebook ads
4. now create a demo ad then click on confirm

Facebook ads
5. the next screen would bring out an option for you to input your card details but don’t, what you should do is click on cancel

Facebook ads
6. After clicking on cancel it would take you back to number 4, now click on confirm again and you should see a screen with the option to use Naira Payment with MasterCard/VISA

Facebook ads
7. chose the option and click on continue read and follow the instruction to fund your ads account

Facebook ads
8. input the amount you want to fund click on the review button

9. click on continue you would be taken to a secured payu platform where you would input your card details, after inputting your card details click on pay and follow the rest instruction to fund your Facebook ads account

Facebook ads

2. Getbarter: Flutterwaves partnered with Visa to launch a payment product for Africa.

To use getbarter follow the steps below

1. Download the barter mobile app
>>> FOR Android click here
>>> FOR ios click here

2. register on the mobile app (Note you can’t register using the pc version)


3. after registering click on cards on the bottom of the app

Fund your Facebook ads Account
4. Now click on the plus yellow sign

5. Now select the Facebook logo and click continue

Fund your Facebook ads Account
6. put the amount you want to fund in USD and watch/copy the conversion rate (that is the amount you would pay in naira) then click on create a card

Fund your Facebook ads Account
7. enter your pin and continue

8. Now enter the converted amount, in this case, we would enter N1900 and click on continue

Fund your Facebook ads Account
9. Now we would need to add our local card details (any bank would do) after entering our details we click on pay, you can decide to click on remember this card next time which I would recommend
so you don’t have to put in your card details each time you want to fund your facebook card

Fund your Facebook ads Account
10. your payment should be successful now you can use the facebook card details you just created to fund your facebook ads account

This two steps where what saved me from frustration and I hope they also help you solve your problem with funding facebook ads

kindly drop your questions on the comment section and I would gladly attend to them immediately

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